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Don’t underestimate us, fool. | for *

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inspired by (x)
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when someone ships my OTP with the same burning passion that i do


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I just finished reading all of your one shot prompts.... DAMMIT CELLO! I should have known better than to read the single father one while dealing with hormones and my uterus trying to rip itself out of my body. I didn't need even more pain. It was beautiful... *I say as I pour myself the rest of a bottle of wine to cope*

oh man wine is the only comfort thing i didn’t try and SHOULD HAve because holy crap i was so drained by the end. just emotionally destroyed.

BUT IM GLAD YOU LIKED THEM BB IM SO GLAD — i should have another chapter of sunlight girl up tomorrow, i think? maybe even today if i get my shit together <3

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shingeki no kyojin color palettes



do you ever just look at someone’s interpretation of a character and want to gently put your hands on their shoulders, look them kindly in the eyes and say you got it all wrong

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kill love triangle support polyamory



SnK Meme II [1/1] Trio
Scouting Legion’s Big Three



My current clothing style is a combination of “shit I’m late”, “shit it’s cold”, with just a hint of “I’m too lazy to look socially acceptable for you losers”.


Is Miss Petra gonna have ta smack a bitch.


Is Miss Petra gonna have ta smack a bitch.

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i had a dream last night that my childhood crush was pretending to like me so he could steal the queen’s dog

also it was prom or something? 

and then i was like i thought you liked me and he was like no one likes you. then for some reason miley cyrus was there basically reiterating all this and being really mean, so i slapped miley cyrus across the face. and then hid in the bathroom laughing hysterically

like what even

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Levi will clean your dirty blog


Levi will clean your dirty blog

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when you think someone is fantastic and you want to be friends with them and send them half coherent messages about life and your otp every day but you’re super awkward and weird and they’re so cool and you just


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Shingeki no Kyojin A - Z: Connie Springer

"My home doesn’t exist…anymore"

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