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i can’t decide what’s worse

characters getting shit on and ruined by haters

or characters getting shit on and ruined by their fans


Prompt by petora-raru: During a visit to Mr. Ral’s, things get heated. 

“This is a bad idea,” Auruo grumbled.

With a small smile, Petra smoothed his shirt and straightened his collar, her small hands flat against his chest. “Stop being a child.”

“You’re the fuckin’ child.”

She didn’t acknowledge this admittedly lame retort. “It’s just for an afternoon, okay? We’ll go to your house next.”

As far as Auruo was concerned, it was an afternoon a few hours too long. He and Mr. Ral were not exactly on the best of terms. In fact, this was putting it lightly; they argued almost every time they were confronted with one another, and it was an experience Auruo had no desire to repeat today, on one of their extremely infrequent furloughs. “Your dad’s more than capable of making trouble in the span of an afternoon,” Auruo muttered peevishly.

“He’s not exactly alone in that,” Petra fired back. “You’re both terrible. But you have to get along today.”


She looked up at him with wide amber eyes and batted her long, ginger lashes, and for a moment he forgot to breathe. “Because I’m asking you nicely.”


Antares star and Scorpius Constellation by César Cantú


I often forget that superheroes are supposed to be these hyper-masculine male fantasies because I spend so much time talking about their emotional vulnerabilities and imagining them in lacy thongs


i’m not cool. i’m like the opposite of cool. wait shit that’s hot. i’m not that either. i’m not hot. i’m probably just. luke warm. room temperature, maybe


Florida Nights by Jesse Summers


im trying to be more positive *sheds electrons and becomes highly unstable*

After all, I have the leading role.


IKEA Heights: A soap opera filmed entirely inside IKEA without their permission